Woods Bagot Transforms Visual Communications with Most Advanced GPUs

Learn how global architecture firm Woods Bagot implements an interactive design development process through rendering and virtual reality with V-Ray GPU and NVIDIA RTX™ powered by NVIDIA® Quadro® GV100.

With projects spread throughout the globe, Woods Bagot has an ever-growing demand for high-quality and physically accurate visualizations. This webinar will focus on Woods Bagot’s journey to GPU rendering with V-Ray GPU and NVIDIA RTX powered by Quadro GV100 for interactive design visualization and rendering workflows to handle massive datasets. Using an HP Z8 workstation with Quadro GV100 and GP100 GPUs and NVIDIA NVLink™, Tarran Kundi, Global Leader of Visual Communications, can now interact with design ideas in a fraction of the time.

By watching this webinar replay, you will:
  1. Discover how a highly iterative design development process improves visual communications in an architectural visualization setting
  2. See how NVIDIA RTX enables noiseless interactive frame rates inside the viewport with NVIDIA OptiX™ AI-accelerated denoising
  3. Understand the workflow from Rhino and Revit project data to Autodesk 3ds Max and V-Ray GPU allowing for a flexible look development and production renders with maximum control in post
  4. Hear about the latest features of Chaos Group’s V-Ray GPU Next
  5. Understand why massive frame buffers are required for visualization work with complex architectural scenes
  6. Learn how to create an optimal virtual reality experience with Unreal Engine and dual Quadro GV100s
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Presented By
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Associate Principal and Global Leader, Visual Communications, Woods Bagot

Tarran Kundi manages the global visual communications team and is responsible for all of Woods Bagot’s 3D visualization and virtual reality experiences. His approach is based on the creation of immersive, emotive imagery at all stages of the design process, including feasibility, concept design, and marketing work.
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Lead Developer, Chaos Group

Blagovest Taskov leads the V-Ray GPU development team at Chaos Group and is responsible for engineering V-Ray’s new GPU rendering architecture. He lectures on high-performance computing at the Sofia University Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, and has been a guest presenter at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference for the past four years.
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AEC and Manufacturing Industries Marketing Strategy Lead, NVIDIA

Andrew Rink leads global marketing strategy for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) and manufacturing industries at NVIDIA. With 25 years of international experience in industries as wide ranging as CAD and animation software, computer hardware, and photonic power, Andrew has extensive understanding of the challenges faced by global companies and expertise in bringing innovative technologies to market.
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