VR, AR, MR, and Interactive Walkthroughs

In this webinar, NVIDIA and Hensel Phelps Construction Group spoke to the use cases of VR, AR, MR for construction design. 

Topics to be covered include:
  1. Quickly exploring and iterating on conceptual design with clients
  2. Communication best practices on design spec, site utilization, 4D scheduling, and on-site visualization to contracting teams
  3. Delivering interactive walkthroughs and VR capable models - Fuzor (Workstation-based)
  4. Building VR capable scenes with Fuzor (Mobile device based) and Unity
  5. Building AR and MR scenes with Hololens and Unity
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Presented By
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Andrew Rink
Sr. Manager, Global Marketing Strategy for MFG and AEC, NVIDIA

Andrew Rink leads global marketing strategy for AEC and Manufacturing Industries at NVIDIA. His career has included international roles in software and other high-tech industries, as well as co-founding and running a start-up. He frequently speaks about technology at events around the world and enjoys working with enterprises to explore how leading-edge technology can help companies revolutionize their approach to business.
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Will Plato
VDC Manager, Hensel Phelps Construction Group

Mr. Plato is responsible for the oversight of Hensel Phelps and subcontractor information as it relates to building information modeling during all phases of the projects. He assists with on-site support of the project dedicated VDC Engineers and the trade contractors to ensure the success of each of our projects. He is experienced with implementing the necessary tools to achieve fully coordinated projects such as Project Logistics and Execution Planning, Reality Capture, Time and Cost model analysis, and Facility Maintenance.
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Drew Rebman
Lead VDC Engineer, Hensel Phelps Construction Group

Mr. Rebman is tasked with creating VR and Interactive walkthroughs for projects that may have a higher level of detail or complexity. He contributes to the HP construction team with creating accurate visuals of problem areas and scopes that require a level of detail that may not be represented in some drawing sets. He also assists HP with training onsite VDC Engineers with the tools available to enhance BIM and utilize the large amount of data that can be derived from a project.
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