How GPU-Accelerated Virtual Workstations Are Powering Revit Mobility

AEC firms often have multiple global and field offices that routinely collaborate on projects, and engineers and architects must be able to access design software while offsite. To meet the needs of today’s distributed teams, many firms are turning to virtualization to run applications such as Autodesk Revit efficiently and securely.

Clark Builders, partner of the Turner Construction Company, uses NVIDIA Quadro vDWS-powered VDI across their organization to enable collaboration, mobility, and efficiency to boost the performance of Autodesk Revit and Windows 10. Autodesk rolled out a graphics-accelerated VDI environment, leveraging Quadro vDWS, to increase efficient use of resources while providing fast, mobile access to applications for its sales teams.

By watching this webinar replay, you'll learn how the NVIDIA virtual GPU solution:
  1. Helped Clark Builders render a 4K video in just 20 minutes, versus 4 hours
  2. Enabled Autodesk developers to download code within minutes, versus up to 12 hours
  3. Optimizes resource consumption, reduces maintenance and management work, and increases productivity

Presented By
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Leslie Balazs
Technical Analyst, Clark Builders

Leslie has 16 years’ experience in IT and is responsible for delivering applications with a mandate of having no local application data or software installations on any endpoints by using VDI.
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Rachel O’Gorman
Service Manager, Autodesk

Rachel began her career as a Server Engineer and now leads a team that focuses on helping to solve business problems for its internal Engineering and Technical Sales teams, through creative use of virtual desktops and virtual applications.
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Gene Manako
Virtual GPU Product Specialist, NVIDIA

Gene has over 15 years of enterprise sales experience in the Silicon Valley with extensive expertise in datacenter virtualization and graphics.
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