Engineering Movie Magic in SOLIDWORKS

Ever wonder how Hollywood designs and fabricates the vehicles, props, and sets for those amazing blockbuster films?

Watch the webinar replay to take a sneak peek behind the camera and see how leading concept artist Joe Hiura uses SOLIDWORKS CAD and SOLIDWORKS Visualize powered by NVIDIA® Quadro® GV100 to bring some of the most memorable designs to life on the big screen.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to see how some of your favorite on-screen moments were created.

By watching this webinar replay, you will:
  1. Discover how easy it is to create movie-quality visuals with SOLIDWORKS Visualize, powered by NVIDIA Iray®
  2. Learn how some of your favorite movie sets and vehicles were designed and built in SOLIDWORKS CAD, then brought to life in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
  3. Hear about the performance boost possible with NVIDIA Quadro GPUs, running on the new AI-accelerated denoising algorithms
  4. Find out how to download your complimentary seat of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard to make your own movie magic

Presented By
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Hollywood Concept Illustrator

Joe Hiura is an art director, set designer, and concept artist working in the film industry. His unique vision and cutting-edge designs make him one of the most sought-after artists working today. He has held key roles designing vehicles, props, and sets for major Hollywood blockbusters, including Marvel's Black Panther and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, DC's Batman v. Superman, and Blade Runner 2049. In 2008, he was part of the Oscar-winning art department for Avatar, and he’s been nominated for the Art Director Guild's Excellence in Production Design for Star Trek, Tron Legacy, and Oblivion.
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Senior Product Portfolio Manager, Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS

Brian Hillner is the senior product manager for SOLIDWORKS Visualize (formerly Bunkspeed) and is excited to bring 3D visualization to the masses. His unique blend of design, photography, and digital painting helps him craft the future of visualization for SOLIDWORKS products. Prior to SOLIDWORKS, Brian led all content creation at Bunkspeed and designed cars and playsets for Hot Wheels and Matchbox, sport boats for Sea Ray Boats, and kitchen appliances for General Electric.
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AEC and Manufacturing Industries Marketing Strategy Lead, NVIDIA

Andrew leads global marketing strategy for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) and manufacturing industries at NVIDIA. His career has included international roles in software and other high-tech industries, as well as co-founding and running a startup. He frequently speaks about technology at events around the world and enjoys exploring how leading-edge technology can help enterprises transform their approach to business. Based at NVIDIA’s Silicon Valley headquarters, Andrew has travelled to more than 80 countries and is fluent in three languages.
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