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Date: Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Time: 10:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M. PT
Duration: 1 hour

Early-stage wind analysis and pedestrian comfort are critical to designing high-performing buildings and comfortable spaces for the sustainable future of our cities. The challenge is that these advanced functions have been in the hands of specialists, and the iteration process has often been too slow to have an impact on the project when it matters. SimScale allows an intuitive web platform for the various wind analysis requirements while accelerating the advanced computing functions through cloud-based GPU compute. The SimScale extension in NVIDIA Omniverse not only allows the geometry exchange with SimScale CFD workbench on the cloud but also allows multiple applications to contribute to the analysis model while visualizing the results in high fidelity in context.

By joining this webinar, you will:
  • Hear how the wind analysis process has been democratized for early-stage design iterations through SimScale web platform.
  • Learn how NVIDIA Omniverse enables multi-application collaboration to SimScale CFD web platform.
  • See how you can upload your design and stream the advanced CFD results into your Omniverse visualization models for broader stakeholder decision-making and understanding.
  • Learn how global collaboration from any application is possible through the SimScale Omniverse extension.
  • Get your questions answered in a live Q&A session.

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DGX Station Whitepaper

Dive deeper into the DGX Station and learn more about the architecture, NVLink, frameworks, tools and more.


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Richard Szoeke-Schuller

Product Manager for AECO, SimScale

Richard is driving technology development at SimScale in the AEC industry, focusing on microclimate applications for simulating and designing buildings and cities. Richard has extensive experience working with customers globally to apply microclimate analysis on large-scale, city-wide projects that need wind comfort, outdoor thermal comfort, and greening strategies developed at the earliest stages of design. Recent projects include working with computational designers and software developers to develop specialist microclimate apps using the SimScale API.

Darren Lynch

Senior Application Engineer, SimScale

Darren Lynch is a Senior Application Engineer at SimScale, having been with the company almost six years. Whilst at SimScale he developed a passion for CFD and simulating buildings, which has been his main focus for the past four years. Darren has a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Brunel University London and has been using his CFD knowledge to bring Wind Microclimate studies to a wider audience in the AEC industry.

Cobus Bothma

Design Platform Specialist, NVIDIA Omniverse

Cobus Bothma is a passionate designer and technologist working at NVIDIA on the Omniverse Platform for the AECO industries. With a background in Product and Architectural design and visualization, he specializes in design computation, simulation, and the democratization of design and visualization compute. Before NVIDIA, he was the Director of Applied Research at a global architectural firm. His work included the design of large-scale architectural projects, developing design functions, and progressing technology adoption to advance the design and construction process.

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