Maximizing Sponsorship ROI with SAP Brand Impact

While sponsorship spending topped $60B globally in 2016, companies paid little attention to ROI despite their huge sponsorship investment. On average, only 3% of the video content is analyzed. Traditional manual counting is ineffective, error-prone, and costly.

Using advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms for object detection, SAP Brand Impact detects brand logos in near real-time. SAP delivers a holistic and easy- to-use tool to measure sponsorship ROI. Leveraging NVIDIA® DGX(™) Systems, SAP delivers a more efficient and faster method to measure sponsorship ROI.

By watching his webinar replay, you'll learn:
  • How enterprises can accurately and effectively measure media sponsorship ROI in near real-time
  • How SAP and NVIDIA machine learning technology enables the tool to recognize brand logos in live and recorded video streams.
  • About industry examples of how SAP Brand Impact is implemented to improve their customers’ brand exposure 
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Presented By
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Jim McHugh
VP and GM of Data Center, NVIDIA

Jim McHugh is vice president and general manager at NVIDIA with over 25 years of experience as a marketing and business executive with startup, mid-sized, and high-profile companies. He currently heads NVIDIA® DGX-1™, the world’s first AI supercomputer in a box. Jim focuses on building a vision of organizational success and executing strategies to deliver computing solutions that benefit from GPUs in the data center. He has a deep knowledge and understanding of business drivers, market/customer dynamics, technology-centered products, and accelerated solutions.
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Michael Kemelmakher
Vice President and Head of SAP Innovation Center in Israel

Mike Kemelmakher is the founder and the head of SAP Innovation Center Israel which is a team with expertise in engineering, software and hardware architecture, solution management and business development. Prior to his current role, Mike was with the global SAP HANA product management team which focuses on OS and hardware, where he was responsible for the overall HANA platform product definition & architecture strategy.

Prior to joining SAP, Mike was the CTO of a privately held consulting company based in Israel, providing consulting and R&D services in the fields of infrastructure reliability, high availability, capacity planning, Linux kernel development, and performance optimization for large customers in a variety of industries.
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