Meet the AI Innovators: How BHGE Applies AI to Optimize Operations

In the “Meet the Innovators” Webinar series, you’ll hear directly from those leading AI adoption in their industries, and learn how their success can translate to your business innovation. Our series kicked off on September 19th at 11am with industry leader Baker Hughes, a GE company, who use AI to optimize their operations, including improving the efficiency, reliability and safety of expensive drilling and production operations.

By watching this webinar replay, you'll:
  1. Learn how GPU-accelerated computing is helping BHGE to distill their data in real time, enabling them to dramatically reduce the cost of finding, extracting, processing and delivering oil.
  2. Discover how BHGE is optimizing their supply chain with a full suite of AI and deep learning solutions, from supercomputers in the datacenter for model training to remote offshore platforms where bandwidth is limited.
  3. Hear how accelerated analytics is helping BHGE visualize and analyze massive volumes of production and sensor data such as pump pressures, flow rates and temperatures.
  4. Find out how you can determine the best way to optimize your business operations as conditions change with deep learning and machine learning algorithms.
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Presented By
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Arun Subramaniyan
Vice President – Data Science & Analytics, Baker Hughes, a GE Company (BHGE)

Arun Subramaniyan, Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from Purdue University, and his team are focused on developing Deep Learning augmented domain analytics across all aspects of the Oil & Gas industry. He joined BHGE Digital from GE Global Research Center in Niskayuna, NY where he led the development of the Digital Twin framework. As a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, he developed advanced techniques and tools for efficiently modeling large-scale systems (such as jet engines) and accelerating design times by 3-4X.
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Tony Paikeday
Director of Product Marketing, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Systems., NVIDIA

With over 25 years of experience in product management and marketing, business process, and manufacturing engineering, Tony helps organizations infuse the power of deep learning to solve their most important business transformation opportunities. Tony holds an engineering degree from the University of Toronto.
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