Increasing Your ANSYS Simulation Throughput

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NVIDIA and ANSYS have collaborated to bring higher productivity to your engineering simulations using NVIDIA GPUs in ANSYS. In this webinar, NVIDIA, ANSYS, and SimuTech Group are teaming up to showcase how NVIDIA® Quadro® GP100 helps in accelerating fluid dynamics, structural and electromagnetics engineering simulation with ANSYS portfolio of solutions.

By watching this webinar replay, you'll learn:
    1. Evolution and challenges of product development
    2. Introduction to NVIDIA Quadro GP100 and ANSYS GPU-accelerated solutions
    3. Using GPUs for speeding up ANSYS Discovery Live, Fluent, Mechanical, and Electronics 18.0 simulations
    4. Use cases, GPU performance data, and customer stories.
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Presented By
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Baskar Rajagopalan
Senior Strategic Alliances and Marketing Manager, NVIDIA

Baskar Rajagopalan leads NVIDIA’s strategy for simulation software. He is responsible for strategic alliances with leading computer-aided engineering independent software vendors (ISV) and helps develop business for NVIDIA leveraging key ISVs, vast partner network including computer hardware OEMs, distribution channel & cloud providers and engaging with key end-customers. For over two decades, he has helped address productivity, efficiency, and innovation in a variety of industries through PLM/CAD/CAM/CAE technology transformation.
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Wim Slagter
Director, HPC & Cloud Alliances, ANSYS, Inc

Wim has 23 years of experience in the business of engineering simulation software with management positions in software development, consulting, sales, and product management. Wim holds a Ph.D. degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands.
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Butch Vision
VP of Engineering, SimuTech Group

As the Vice President of Engineering, Butch Vision directs SimuTech's engineering team in providing world-class engineering consulting services, training, and mentoring via ANSYS simulation software. He started as an FEA Consulting Engineer with SimuTech Group in 2007 but quickly moved up the ranks to first become the Engineering Manager for the West offices and now VP of Engineering. Even earlier in his career, Butch was a structural engineer with both Pratt & Whitney and Exotic Metals Forming Company, where he analyzed and tested engine and airplane components for both military and commercial aircraft engines.
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