In Focus: Build Advanced Multi-Camera Products with NVIDIA Jetson
Develop New Applications for Robotics, Industrial Automation and Smart Cities in a Flash

NVIDIA Jetson is the fastest computing platform for AI at the edge. With powerful imaging capabilities, it can capture up to 6 images and offers real-time processing of Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA). Our camera partners provide product development support in addition to image tuning services for other advanced solutions such as frame synchronized multi-images.

By watching this webinar replay, you'll learn about:
  1. NVIDIA’s preferred camera solutions partners and how they can help build your complex imaging products
  2. e-con Systems’ six synchronized camera solution on a single Jetson
  3. Different off-the-shelf camera modules built by our camera partners designed for Jetson that are available for your next project
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James Jeun
Senior Product Manager, NVIDIA

On the product management team for Jetson Intelligent Machines focusing on camera solutions. He has been in product management roles over the last 6 years for imaging products and heterogenous system on chips.
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MKS (Subramanian M K)
Camera ISP Manager, e-con Systems

MKS and his team design & develop, SW for image sensors including tuning the image sensor & ISP, to deliver highest performance aligned to customer requirements. The camera ISP team has extensive knowledge of delivering multitude of products across multiple generation of Nvidia’s Tegra processors including the latest Jetson TX1 and TX2.
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Dilip Kumar
Camera Specialist, e-con Systems

Dilip specializes in camera sensor hardware bring up, ISP integration and image quality tuning. He has hands-on experience with various imaging sensors and ISP modules including NVIDIA’s Jetson TK1, TX1 and TX2. Dilip is an expert on Linux device drivers and application development, especially, for video input and output. /div>
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