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Date: Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Time: 8:00am - 9:00am PT
Duration: 1 hour

Telcos are introducing speech AI-based applications such as agent assists, AI virtual assistants, and digital avatars to improve customer service, self-service, and satisfaction. But building highly scalable speech AI-based applications that learn from conversations, detect customer preferences, make personalized recommendations, and engage dynamically in real time isn’t easy. With NVIDIA® Riva, telcos can build accurate, real-time, conversational AI applications with customizable pipeline solutions that seamlessly integrate with telco service workflows.

Join Infosys, Quantiphi, Talkmap, and NVIDIA to learn how telecommunications companies are using AI to improve operational efficiency and enhance customer engagement.

By joining this webinar, you’ll learn:
  • The state of the customer experience in telecommunications
  • How Riva can enhance customer experiences in contact centers with Infosys, Quantiphi, and Talkmap solutions
  • The future of speech AI in telecommunications
Click here to register for part two of this webinar, Empowering Telco Contact Center Agents With Multi-Language Speech AI-Customized Agent Assists, a technical webinar with Quantiphi, Infosys, and NVIDIA on June 7.

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DGX Station Datasheet

Get a quick low-down and technical specs for the DGX Station.
DGX Station Whitepaper

Dive deeper into the DGX Station and learn more about the architecture, NVLink, frameworks, tools and more.
DGX Station Whitepaper

Dive deeper into the DGX Station and learn more about the architecture, NVLink, frameworks, tools and more.
DGX Station Whitepaper

Dive deeper into the DGX Station and learn more about the architecture, NVLink, frameworks, tools and more.


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Anand Santhanam
Vice President and Head of Strategy for Communications, Media, and Technology (CMT), Infosys
Anand is the head of strategy for the Infosys CMT business unit. Based in London, UK, his responsibilities span designing the next three-year strategic initiatives, including market positioning, large strategic deals, platforms, and partnerships. A global leader with a 28-year tenure spanning Americas, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, and Asia-Pacific regions, he’s worked with some of the world's largest telecommunications companies.
Lilac Ilan
Global Head of Business Development, AI-Powered Telco Operations, NVIDIA
Lilac, the global head of business development for AI-powered telco operations, is paving the way for advanced AI and machine learning applications to revolutionize the network and operations of leading telecommunication companies worldwide. With over 17 years of extensive experience in the telecommunication industry, Lilac has served in various roles at AT&T and grown a market-leading IoT business that digitally transforms businesses in verticals like manufacturing, healthcare, connected cars, and more.
Dhanya Nair
Head of GTM Strategy for Telecom, NVIDIA Practice, Quantiphi
Dhanya is a client solutions partner at Quantiphi, an award-winning, AI-first digital engineering company. With over a decade of industry experience, she has a proven track record in business development, go-to-market (GTM) strategies, solution design, and consulting. As the leader of the industry sales and GTM strategy team, she’s instrumental in helping customers from the telecom and media and entertainment sectors solve complex business challenges using Quantiphi's cutting-edge AI, machine learning, and data solutions. Her expertise and strategic insights have helped many organizations achieve their business goals.
Ken Goldberg
Executive Vice President, Sales and Partner Management, Talkmap
Ken leads sales and partner management for Talkmap, a leader in conversational intelligence. With over 30 years’ experience with customer interaction, speech, and AI and machine learning platforms, Ken has spent many years assisting large telcos with digital transformation and improved customer care. Ken has held previous leadership roles at Convergys (now Concentrix), HP Enterprise Services, and BEA Systems (now Oracle) and was a former strategy consultant at Accenture. Ken has an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.

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