How Enterprises Can Leverage Deep Learning in Retail

Change in the retail industry has been accelerated by new competitors and the global digital transformation. Underlying this are two key trends: the use of technology to understand the rapidly shifting attitudes and sentiments of highly informed buyers, and the demand from retailers to search for an successful operating model in a digital world.

In this webinar, hear from Jennifer Tidy of ModiFace and Gary Saarenvirta of Daisy Intelligence--two experts whose companies are helping retail businesses leverage deep learning in a fast-paced, tech-driven industry.
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Jennifer Tidy
Vice President of Partnership, ModiFace

Jennifer is the Vice President of Partnerships at ModiFace Inc., the world’s leading virtual makeover and face visualization company. ModiFace technology–-which has resulted in over 40 million mobile downloads-–currently powers over 100 web and mobile applications, including skin diagnostics tools for Vichy and Allergan, hair simulation technology for L’Oreal, and facial imaging technology used by Sephora, Estee Lauder, and many other beauty brands. Since 2009, Jennifer has been spearheading ModiFace’s partnership division by working with beauty brands to integrate ModiFace technology on their website, within their mobile applications, and in stores. Jennifer also works closely with ModiFace’s R&D team to create the next generation of technologies for the beauty industry, including augmented reality and 3D technologies that were announced earlier this year. Jennifer is an active member of Cosmetics Executive Women, and has completed the Next Steps Executive Program for Experienced Women Entrepreneurs, and MBA Essentials for Managers program at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.
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Gary Saarenvirta
Founder and CEO, Daisy Intelligence

Gary is an expert on AI technology and evangelizes about the societal benefits of AI and machine learning as it pertains to improving business decision making. As the founder and CEO of Daisy Intelligence, Gary has a proven record-of-success applying A.I. powered technology to automated core business decisions. Daisy’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform analyzes 100% of input data, simulates the possible alternatives and trade-offs inherent in any complex business question, considers any boundary conditions and constraints, and recommends the optimal course of action to best meet a client's goals. For high-velocity retailers/grocers, Daisy transforms point of sale (POS) transaction data into omni-channel product promotion recommendations, optimal pricing, and specific demand forecasting decisions which significantly increasing sales, transactions and profits.
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