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Date: Wednesday, June 7, 2023
Time: 8:00am - 9:00am PT
Duration: 1 hour

When customers reach out to telco contact centers, they expect prompt and efficient solutions delivered in their native languages. But communication challenges and a lack of helpful information often result in a stressful, frustrating experience for customers and agents.

To address this challenge, telecommunication companies are implementing innovative speech and translation AI to improve agent assist solutions in multiple languages, empowering their contact center agents to deliver the best possible personalized customer experience.

Join this webinar, featuring demos by Infosys, Quantiphi, and NVIDIA conversational AI experts, to learn:
  • How to kickstart your journey with NVIDIA® Riva’s cutting-edge speech and translation AI and fully customize it to achieve the highest-accuracy agent assist solution
  • Best practices for seamlessly integrating speech and translation AI into agent assist solutions, ensuring smooth and effective customer-agent communication
  • Real-world examples showcasing successful implementations of multi-language, speech AI-customized agent assist solutions in telco contact centers
Join us after the presentation for a live Q&A session.

Click here to register for part one of this webinar, How Telcos Transform Customer Experiences With Conversational AI, a high-level session with Quantiphi, Infosys, Talkmap, and NVIDIA on May 31.

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Empower Telco Contact Center Agents with Multi-Language Speech-AI-Customized Agent Assists


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DGX Station Datasheet

Get a quick low-down and technical specs for the DGX Station.
DGX Station Whitepaper

Dive deeper into the DGX Station and learn more about the architecture, NVLink, frameworks, tools and more.
DGX Station Whitepaper

Dive deeper into the DGX Station and learn more about the architecture, NVLink, frameworks, tools and more.
DGX Station Whitepaper

Dive deeper into the DGX Station and learn more about the architecture, NVLink, frameworks, tools and more.


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Vishal Manchanda
Senior Principal Architect, Infosys
Vishal is a senior principal technology architect at the Infosys Center for Emerging Technology Solutions who has over 22 years of experience in the IT industry. As a conversational AI expert, he leads the engineering of Infosys Cortex, a platform for transforming contact centers from cost centers to value centers while ensuring customer success. Vishal has been developing, architecting, and incubating various IT solutions around contact centers, personalized intelligent interfaces involving hypercontextual personalized videos, and voice interfaces.
Sven Chilton
Deep Learning Developer Advocate, NVIDIA
Sven is a deep learning developer advocate at NVIDIA. He develops, plays with, educates about, and evangelizes for fundamental NVIDIA deep learning tools, in particular the Riva speech AI framework. Sven has long loved mathematics and languages and considers speech AI and natural language processing (NLP) beautiful fusions of the two. He earned a bachelor's degree in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and master's and doctoral degrees in nuclear engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.
Gordana Neskovic
Product Marketing, NVIDIA
Gordana is on the AI and machine learning product marketing team at NVIDIA, responsible for NVIDIA Riva. Prior to joining NVIDIA, Gordana held various product marketing, data scientist, AI architect, and engineering roles at VMware, Wells Fargo, Pinterest, SFO-ITT, and KLA-Tencor. She holds a PhD from Santa Clara University and master’s and bachelor's degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Belgrade, Serbia.
Swaroop Kumar
Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Quantiphi
Swaroop is a senior machine learning engineer at Quantiphi, an award-winning, AI-first digital engineering company. His primary focus lies in developing cutting-edge conversational AI and semantic search applications using NVIDIA Riva and NeMo™, tailored to meet the needs of enterprise customers. With his expertise in computer vision and NLP, he has previously worked on use cases involving radiology and endoscopy. He’s passionate about using data and AI in the service of humanity and is a volunteer data expert at DataKind.

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