Elastic Uses GPU Rendering with Octane for The Alienist Title Sequence

Learn how the LA-based visual effects studio created a stunning title sequence for the TNT mini-series.

Elastic uses GPU rendering with OTOY’s OctaneRender and Cinema 4D to produce iconic title sequences for shows such as True Detective and Game of Thrones, often on a very short timeline. Join this webinar for an in-depth exploration of Elastic’s workflow for the title sequence of The Alienist, plus an update on OctaneRender from OTOY.

See how Elastic created a fluid workflow that allowed them to focus on creative changes rather than technical roadblocks.

By watching the webinar replay, you will:
  1. Learn about working with very large assets modeled with Maya and converted to Cinema 4D
  2. Find out how to establish a fluid workflow using Octane GPU Rendering while still adhering to a very tight deadline
  3. Hear about setting up animation passes with Octane and Cinema 4D for final animations
  4. Learn how to use NVIDIA GPUs as a render farm
  5. Get answers during live Q&A session with Elastic, OTOY, and NVIDIA
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Head of 3D, A52/Elastic

{A Los Angeles native, Kirk Shintani earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UCLA prior to completing Gnomon’s Generalist program. Over the last 15 years, he has worked on hundreds of commercials for clients such as Nike, Lexus, and Coca Cola, as well as numerous title sequences that include the Emmy Award-winning Game of Thrones for HBO. Kirk is Head of 3D at the rapidly growing A52/Elastic, managing growth, finding greater efficiencies through new technologies and pipelines, and developing artists both personally and creatively.
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CEO and Co-Founder, OTOY

Jules Urbach sets the strategic vision for OTOY, and is the chief architect of the company’s technology roadmap. He is widely hailed as a pioneer in computer graphics, streaming and 3D rendering with over 25 years of industry experience. Jules built his first game at age 18, and went on to make the web’s first 3D video game platform and licensed the software to Macromedia, Disney, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, Microsoft, Hasbro, and AT&T. His life’s work has been to revolutionize 3D content capture, creation and delivery.
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Product Marketing Manager, NVIDIA

Cassie Thibodeau is the Product Marketing Manager for Advanced Rendering in the professional visualization group at NVIDIA. She has worked with NVIDIA since 2007, starting with mental images GmbH in Berlin, Germany, as marketing lead for rendering technologies. She is passionate about bringing accelerated and new rendering workflows to artists and designers who work with 3D content. She has a BS in electrical engineering from Cornell University and a Masters of Business Administration from the Melbourne Business School.
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