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Date: Wednesday, March 3, 2021
Time: 10:00am – 11:00am PT
Duration: 50 Minutes

After a successful demonstration of digital human technology at a 2019 TED conference, the team at Digital Domain dove headfirst into a daunting task: building a digital character that looks like Doug Roble, their Senior Director of Software R&D, that is fully autonomous and that replicates his behavior. While it’s still a work-in-progress, Digital Domain has released ground-breaking teaser videos of the character online for early review.

This webinar will discuss the challenges of making an autonomous digital doppelganger, including how to replicate a person's voice, expressions, mannerisms, and general behavior. They’ll also explore what they’ve learned about interacting with a digital character, what works and what does not, and the biggest challenges for the future.

Join this webinar to:
  • Learn how Digital Domain renders real-time, lifelike digital humans
  • See how they leverage speech recognition, speech synthesis, expression synthesis, and conversational AI to create an autonomous, interactive character
  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at how they render real-time characters in Unreal Engine
Join us after the presentation for a live Q&A session.



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DGX Station Whitepaper

Dive deeper into the DGX Station and learn more about the architecture, NVLink, frameworks, tools and more.


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Doug Roble

Senior Director of Software R&D, Digital Domain

As the Senior Director of Software R&D at Digital Domain, Doug leads a world-class team that develops software and conducts research to advance the artistry and technology for feature films and new media of all kinds. Doug has won two Academy Sci-Tech Awards: one for "Track," a groundbreaking computer vision system developed in 1993 (still in use today) and for Digital Domain’s fluid simulation system which set the standard for large-scale water effects when it was released in 2001. Doug is also an active member of the Visual Effects branch of the Academy and is the chair of the Academy’s Sci/Tech Awards Committee.

Matthias Wittmann

Visual Effects Supervisor, Digital Domain

A recognized digital human pioneer, Matthias worked in the film industry at Digital Domain for 15 years as an animator and supervisor on groundbreaking digital humans for features, including the VFX Academy-Award-winning “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” as well as “I, Robot,” “Tron: Legacy,” and “Maleficent,” and was part of the team that created the appearance of “Virtual Tupac” at Coachella. Since 2015, Matthias has specialized in developing interactive virtual humans for AR and VR experiences, working exclusively with real-time engines. As VFX Supervisor in Digital Domain’s Digital Human Group, he strives to further push the envelope in the field.

Rick Champagne

Global Media and Entertainment Industry Management, NVIDIA

Rick Champagne leads Global Media and Entertainment Industry Management for NVIDIA. In this role, Rick works closely with customers and industry partners in the film, TV, and broadcast industries to promote the advancement and adoption of new technologies. With a long history of managing products such as the Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya Entertainment Creation Suites, Softimage, Mudbox, and Painter, Rick has been in the service of artists and technologists for over two decades. Rick maintains close ties to industry as a member of the Visual Effects Society, Hollywood Professional Association (HPA), and Royal Television Society and serves on the Board of Governors of the Advanced Imaging Society and as a committee member of the Academy Software Foundation (ASWF). Rick holds a master's in business administration.

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Date & Time: Wednesday, April 22, 2018