The Architecture for “AI Moonshots” – Lessons Learned from NVIDIA DGX SATURNV

As every organization seeks to infuse the power of AI and deep learning in their business, delivering AI-at-scale in the enterprise becomes a mission critical priority. Like its namesake, NVIDIA’s DGX SATURNV is yielding insights that have far-reaching impact, helping define the AI architecture of the future, for every enterprise.

By watching this webinar replay, you'll learn:
  1. How NVIDIA’s own teams solved time-sensitive, mission critical challenges using SATURNV
  2. How we’re delivering the greenest path to exascale computing, raising the bar with industry-leading energy efficiency
  3. How organizations can enable AI-at-scale, putting the power of SATURNV in the hands of every innovator and researcher, using NVIDIA DGX Systems
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Presented By
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Louis Capps
Senior Solutions Architect, NVIDIA

Louis Capps is a Senior Solutions Architect with 27 years of high performance system design and simulation experience focused on CPU, GPU, I/O, interconnect and storage performance for large multi-system solutions. Louis focuses on novel designs that embrace emerging technologies needed for HPC, Deep Learning, Analytics and Visualization applications. Louis works with both government and industry principles on current and future solutions and is excited to be part of initiatives paving the way for GPUs to not only enable exascale solutions, but also driving the future of computing with systems like DGX-1 and Deep Learning.
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Phil Rogers
Chief Software Architect - Compute Server, NVIDIA

Phil Rogers is the lead architect for Compute Server Software at NVIDIA. Phil has been working in accelerated computing for the past 7 years with a focus on performance, scalability and ease of use. Prior to that Phil spent 20 years working on performance optimizations and programmability for 3D graphics.
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Tony Paikeday
Director of Product Marketing, AI and Deep Learning, NVIDIA

Tony Paikeday is the Director of Product Marketing for the NVIDIA DGX Family. Tony was previously with VMware, managing product marketing for the Horizon 7 portfolio and focused on key enabling technologies, including GPU virtualization and software-defined data center. Prior to joining VMware, Tony was at Cisco, building its data center solutions marketing practice focused on desktop and application virtualization. Prior to Cisco, he spent 12 years at Nortel selling into enterprise and service provider accounts, after having started his career as a Manufacturing Engineer for Ford Motor Company. Tony holds an engineering degree from the University of Toronto.
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