An Introduction to NVIDIA OptiX

Watch this webinar replay for an introduction to NVIDIA OptiX™ ‒ a sophisticated library for performing GPU ray tracing. You’ll get an overview of the NVIDIA OptiX ray-tracing pipeline and learn about its programmable components for high performance ray tracing on the GPU.

NVIDIA OptiX is used in many domains, from rendering to acoustic modeling to scientific visualization. We'll review its features and present code samples to demonstrate best practices for writing a high-performance ray tracer using its programming model.

By watching this webinar replay, you will:
    1. Get an overview of the NVIDIA OptiX SDK
    2. Be introduced to programming with NVIDIA OptiX
    3. Dig into new sample applications
    4. Discover NVIDIA OptiX motion blur
    5. Learn how to use the AI-accelerated denoiser
    6. Get your questions answered in the Q&A session
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Presented By
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Senior Developer Technology Engineer, NVIDIA

Detlef joined NVIDIA in 2000 as a senior system software engineer in the OpenGL driver team. He's currently working as a senior developer technology engineer in the Developer Technology Platform team, which researches, implements, and teaches advanced GPU methods for speeding up workstation graphics applications on NVIDIA GPUs. Since 2008, Detlef has been using the NVIDIA OptiX ray-casting API. He holds a master of computer science from the Clausthal University of Technology in Germany.
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Development Technology Engineer, NVIDIA

Keith is currently a development technology engineer, responsible for helping key partners design and implement ray-tracing-based solutions on NVIDIA GPUs. Keith joined NVIDIA after graduating from Princeton. In his 10 years at the company, he has focused on various ray-tracing efforts both as a research engineer and as one of the original developers of the NVIDIA Optix API.
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Senior Product Marketing Manager, DesignWorks and VRWorks, NVIDIA

Vincent brings over 20 years of experience in designing technology solutions for 2D and 3D production in the visual effects, video game, and design industries to his role as senior product marketing manager for NVIDIA DesignWorks™ and NVIDIA VRWorks™. With previous roles as vice president of product development at DAZ3D and director of visual computing at Fusion-io and with over 10 years of product support, demo, and design experience at Autodesk Media & Entertainment, he has helped pioneer interactive 4K and 6K production pipelines, stereoscopic conversion, and new workflows that leverage the latest innovations in ultra-fast storage.
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