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Date: Wednesday, September 15, 2021
Time: 12:00 PM HKT
Duration: 1 hour

The potential and application bandwidth of AI/ML in Financial Services is breathtaking. However, enterprise scaling and model exposure to live environments turn out to be quite challenging. Additionally, further regulation of AI is expected or has already been drafted. To comply with industry regulations, banks are looking to explainable AI (XAI), a set of tools, design principles, and best practices that unlock how AI models make decisions--such as detailing how a decision forest is developed in order to avoid bias in creditworthiness evaluation of customers.

NVIDIA, World Alliance of International Finance Centers (WAIFC) and World Economic Forum (WEF) are excited to present this unique series on AI in financial services across the globe. We have invited thought leaders and AI personalities to discuss the latest implications, trends, strategies and challenges. What are the global and local trends? How do financial centers, financial service companies and financial supervisors position themselves? How are the technical and ethical challenges addressed? What are best practices, standards, platforms and infrastructures? Where is the best talent, research and innovation?

Join us on this very timely and exciting journey around the globe!

By attending this webinar, you will learn:
  • Most recent global and local developments in AI use case implementations in financial services
  • Explainability, trustworthiness and the regulatory view on AI
  • Impact on financial centers and the financial industry
  • Standardization needs and global applicability of solutions
Join us after the presentation for a live Q&A session.


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DGX Station Datasheet

Get a quick low-down and technical specs for the DGX Station.
DGX Station Whitepaper

Dive deeper into the DGX Station and learn more about the architecture, NVLink, frameworks, tools and more.
DGX Station Whitepaper

Dive deeper into the DGX Station and learn more about the architecture, NVLink, frameworks, tools and more.


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Jong Hwa Kim

Board Member, WAIFC; President of the Busan Finance Center

Jong Hwa Kim is the president of the Busan Finance Center, an incorporated association built on public-private partnership to develop strategies for Busan to become an international finance hub and act on policy initiatives to attract foreign and domestic financial institutions. Mr. Kim previously served about 30 years at the Bank of Korea, the central bank of Korea, at various capacities such as Deputy Governor and Director-General of the International Department. After his tenure at the Bank of Korea, Mr. Kim joined the Korea Financial Telecommunications and Clearings Institute, a specialized institution of the payment and settlement system, as the president and chairman. Most recently he served as an adjunct professor of the college of Economics at the Sogang University in Seoul. He earned his BA in economics from Seoul National University and received a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor.

Purushottam Kaushik

Head of the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network, World Economic Forum

Purushottam Kaushik heads the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network, India Centre. He has an Engineering graduate from Punjab Engineering College, and an MBA from Faculty of Management Studies, BHU. Purushottam Kaushik (Puru) joined World Economic Forum in March 2020 and has twenty six years of experience in Telecom and IT in sales leadership and management consulting roles. Puru started his career in 1995 and has worked in various Telecom companies including Alcatel Systems, Lucent Technologies, and Nortel Network till 2009 and From 2009 to 2016, he was at Cisco systems, India as Managing Director Sales.

Dr. Jochen Papenbrock

Partner Relationship Manager, NVIDIA

Based in Frankfurt, Germany, Jochen has spent the last 15 years in various roles on the topic of AI in Financial Services, as a thought leader, implementer, researcher and ecosystem shaper. He is a financial data scientist and received his degree and PhD from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). As a consultant, entrepreneur and researcher, he worked with well-known asset managers, banks, insurance companies and central banks. He is a manager at NVIDIA and works with partners, communities, and developers in financial services in Europe and also in some global teams. Jochen is board member of the EU Horizon 2020 project 'FIN-TECH', specialty chief co-editor (Co) at Frontiers 'AI in Finance', and project leader in GAIA-X. He has published on AI and quantitative finance in Journal of Financial Data Science, Journal of Investment Strategies, Financial Markets and Portfolio Management, Quantitative Finance, Applied Financial Economics, Frontiers Journal of AI in Finance and Journal of Network Theory in Finance.

Prof. Douglas Arner

The University of Hong Kong

Douglas Arner is the Kerry Holdings Professor in Law at the University of Hong Kong and an expert on financial regulation, particularly the intersection between law, finance and technology. He is Faculty Director of HKU’s LLM in Compliance and Regulation and LLM in Corporate and Financial Law, a member of the Hong Kong Financial Services Development Council and a Senior Visiting Fellow of Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne. Douglas served as Head of the HKU Department of Law from 2011 to 2014 and as Co-Director of the Duke University-HKU Asia-America Institute in Transnational Law from 2005 to 2016. From 2006 to 2011 he was the Director of HKU’s Asian Institute of International Financial Law, which he co-founded in 1999. Douglas has served as a consultant with, among others, the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Alliance for Financial Inclusion, APEC and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and has lectured, co-organised conferences and seminars and been involved with financial sector reform projects around the world. He has been a visiting professor or fellow at Duke, Harvard, the Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research, IDC Herzliya, McGill, Melbourne, National University of Singapore, University of New South Wales, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and Zurich, among others.

Shota Ishii

Founder, ProssimoTech

Shota Ishiii founded ProssimoTech in 2018. Previously, as Managing Director of State Street Global Exchange (SSGX), he participated in the founding of GX Labs in San Francisco, engaged in research and development of next-generation portfolio analysis engines and risk indicators utilizing machine learning, and new business development. Shota engaged as a consultant for DCI, a US company specializing in systematic credit management, and the financial strategy department of domestic banks. He also engaged as a regional manager of sales and advisory business in Asia other than Japan at KMV, which specializes in quantitative credit models. At the company's San Francisco office, he conducts credit risk research as a member of the research division. Shota acquired an IT venture company for knowledge sharing social networks in France and became CEO. He holds a bachelor's degree from Cornell University's Department of Applied Physics and an MBA from INSEAD.

Jan Szilagyi

Co-Founder & CEO, TOGGLE

Jan spent most of his career managing global macro strategies, starting with Stan Druckenmiller at Duquesne Capital, and most recently as Co-CIO at Lombard Odier Investment Managers in New York. He is now the CEO of Toggle, a financial technology platform built and used while he and his co-founder were actively managing global macro portfolios. Jan graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Yale with a degree in mathematics, and completed his PhD at Harvard under Ken Rogoff in international finance.

Additional Speakers

Xianchao Wu

Senior Solution Architect - Deep Learning, NVIDIA
Dr. Jochen Biedermann

Managing Director, WAIFC
Jayant Narayan

Lead - AI & Machine Learning, Technology Policy, World Economic Forum

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